Eagle Eye Barrels Est. 2016


Here at Eagle Eye Barrels & More, we like to handcraft some of the most innovative pieces of wine barrel furniture and home decor in America. Combining the woodworking and metalsmithing skills of our artisans, we take old oak wine barrels infused with red wine and re-purpose them into beautiful treasures.We truly believe in the value of “handmaking something out of nothing.”

Every barrel begins its journey as oak trees and is put together with nothing other than the cooper’s own two hands. They travel to winemakers to be filled with their own red wine, infusing the wood with its color during the process. After the barrels have been retired, we continue transforming the barrels with our hands into wonderful pieces of furniture and home decor.

From creating custom stains to retaining the natural dye from the wine, you can always be sure that each piece of ours is completely unique. While we have inventory of our own ideas and creations ready to be purchased, we openly welcome any custom request of your wildest imagination!

Kenny New has been working with wood for decades and is a master of his trade. Now his passion is taking old wine barrels and repurposing them into masterful pieces of living art. His hand crafted wine barrel furniture has taken the local market by storm.